The Hypocrisy of Gay Hating

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So a major league sports player came out as gay today. Why, exactly, should that be a big deal? Who really cares what people choose to do with their private parts and with whom in the privacy of their own homes? It is a telling fact that religious fundamentalists are the only ones who make an issue of it. Everyone else has pretty much grown up. The focus is on homosexuality as if that is some heinous sin while the sins of gluttony and lying, for example, are ignored. The church refuses to welcome and accept gays, but churches in this country are chock full of fat people and liars. Oh, the hypocrisy!! If sin is sin, then why do we not hear sermons condemning fat people and liars as heinous sinners in danger of being smitten by an angry God? Why are there not picketers holding signs reading, “God Hates Fat People” or “God Hates Liars”?

I have a casual friend who I know through NAMI who happens to be gay. You know what? He is a really nice guy and a fellow HUMAN BEING. I couldn’t possibly care less that he is gay. I like the guy just as he is.

I wonder if we will ever mature as a species enough that issues such as sexual orientation simply won’t matter. I doubt it anytime soon, but one can hope that we will all eventually grow up…

Bigotry has a tendency to really sour me again on religion, though I believe in God. So do attacks on our educational system by fundamentalists. If you want to teach BS in church, fine. Just don’t try bringing it into the science classroom.

Any number of reasons that though I have faith, I cannot align myself with the fundamentalist sect… Way too much hypocrisy and way too much denial of science and history, and plenty of other issues…

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